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action...action...and a little more action? [Mon, 06 28, 04 @ 10:30pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

The only way to describe my summer up to this point is with one word "ACTION"!!!!Right now i am juggling 6-7 boys and they all are ok w/ it!!! ......Theres one problem though...i really like one of them...
Nikki and Bora made their list of who they have kissed and i want to share mine..lol..

Jack...Jack...Jack(we were together for a long time)
Abdiel(*gag gag*)
Sean H.
Sean K.
David F.
Abdiel(*gag gag*)

thats all i can think of right now.... jeez...I didn't realize there were so many!!! lol....

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this is so gay. but i was bored. [Thu, 06 17, 04 @ 11:41pm]

[ mood | hot ]

i couldn't breathe that night.
not for a second
you were shaking
our foreheads pressed together.
the look on your face was indescribable
you smiled weakly
and placed your lips on my forehead
then my nose
then my mouth
everything spun around me
me and you...
sparks flew from us

and i fell asleep inside your kiss.

EDIT: temporarily asleep, i didn't die nicki! ahaha.

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[Thu, 06 17, 04 @ 11:02pm]

Whenver you have achieved outstanding skills in making out or hoooking up
you get this

So borrah./..this is yours

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[Thu, 06 17, 04 @ 9:44pm]

A list of all the people i have kissed

For borrah

1. Matt Reznick
2. Myles Dedman
3. Daniel Acevedo

yeah i m ..... a prude lol not really
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[Thu, 06 17, 04 @ 9:35pm]

well well well...
the last time i got action was with at 20 year old.

isnt that not legal?
well either way, it wouldnt be legal if he was a minor too.
anyways, i definately say that with my past experience of getting action, the older, mature guys are mucho better.
maybe cuz they have more experience. ;)

whoooo! go get some action gals!
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[Thu, 06 17, 04 @ 9:13pm]

I haven't gotten decent action
since hmmm
new years eve
thats a really relaly long time to go without action
and thats not good
so someone find me a half black half mexican guy who looks white and plays bass
andthen i can have sex with him
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[Tue, 06 15, 04 @ 3:39pm]

hey nicki
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[Tue, 06 15, 04 @ 2:35pm]

Okay so..
My action:
everything but sex.

and all in one night too.
pretty damn proud.
well eh

so yeah basiclaly kissing, making out, touching, feeling, licking all that fun stuff..and then fellatio, cunnilingus and yeah.
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[Tue, 06 15, 04 @ 12:19pm]

[ mood | blank ]

My friend wrote this...he writes amazing poetry..check it out at his lj- yuvraj...

all over you
the moonlight shines across your skin
your tender beauty draws me in
the sweet sinner taste of your lips
the voluptuos skin below that rips
feeling your soft blushy cheecks
i feel like heavens on me leaks
the gleamy look in your eyes
it makes the heat of the moment rise
and then all night long we would kiss
all the way feeling bliss
we'd make the whole world envy
of love between you and me
we'd be the proud the happy and the few
and by nightfall id be all over you

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I dare you to... [Tue, 06 15, 04 @ 11:17am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Hey, I really like the idea of this community and thought i might fit in...lol....
As a newbie i think I'll share something i wrote last night...

Just a few nights past since you were here with me
When our bodies became one and I
Lost myself with you.

Your taste still lingers in my mouth
And your touch still burns on my skin.
Not only have you left but
You've left me aching for more of you.

I find myself thinking of you
More than I ever though I would.
You have such a hold on me
I'd be willing to please you for eternity.

I treasure each of your kisses
And hate the feeling of being alone
And silently wish that you would be inside of me.

I run my hands across my breasts remembering
The way you did it the other night.
I feel fire between my thighs
Once again with you on my mind.

I can't keep it locked up any longer
Otherwise I'll explode with heartache.

My heart flutters with excitement, knowing soon
I'll be able to have you again,
Knowing I can never get enough of you
Being so in love with you.

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[Mon, 06 14, 04 @ 12:26am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello Everyone ( okay well hello borrah) lol
Welcome to Weve_got_action

Have fun posting about sexual experiences and other fun things
Feel free to ask questions

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